NAE Group

Category: Commercial Interior Design / Date: TBD


Gothenburg’s downtown area, once home to the Martin Shop erotic shop, is now the location of an entirely new and rebranded Mshop.  The building, once covered with wrinkled tacky posters, is now an entirely new store with visual lighting that invites people to further explore the store.

Brass and velvet elements are added to challenge the simplicity of the store. The overall look and feel is an interaction

between textures to enhance the clean and relaxed environment. The interior breaks all expectations and creates an approachable and light atmosphere. The 400 square meter space, with high ceilings and bright lighting, is left open, creating a open environment that allows customers to move about between products that are exhibited in various podiums.

To convey the understanding of the delicate and sometimes private topic, Mshop adopted the clean and hygienic qualities of pharmaceuticals.  Employees wear lab coats to convey that sex toys to some can be a private matter for some. 

Rather than offend or shy away some by using strong wording or imagery, Paper Beat Rock Design Studio has created a sex shop that subtly encourages passerby's and customers to further explore their curiosity.