Clint Digital

Category: Consumer Electronics / Date: June 2012

ODIN is a wireless WiFi speaker designed for Clint Digital. He is part of an audio streaming series for a MultiRoom system for the home.

Odin is the ruler of Asgard - home of the gods - and the father of Thor. He is the most powerful god - but with a soft touch.

ODIN is perfectly suited for the living room, providing an astonishingly great and room filling sound with its 2 speakers and 2 tweeters inside the cabinet. He offers an amazing sound experience, at any volume.

The triangular shape of ODIN is designed for placement on the floor in a corner of a large room. The sound is pushed from the speaker towards the walls and will make the music reflect into the entire room. 

In the beginning of 2015, ODIN has been recognized internationally by receiving both the Red Dot Award and the iF Design award as well as countless of articles and reviews.