Concept Development

Category: Shipping Industry / Date: May 2011


Product with ArmSmall.jpg

Triton is a product designed to promote more efficient container handling in harbours worldwide. It is a small unit that replaces the existing seal, which is attached on the front of every container all over the world. The unit has two functions: 1. it logs every geographic location as well as sudden rough movements, which will be accessible for the client when the container is received, and 2. it improves the handling for for customs at any harbor since everything is done automatically.

With a double up increase of containers by 2020, this project suggests a more effective solution at container terminals all over the world. By using modern technologies such as GPS, RFID, Impact sensor and data-logging TRITON will improve the container handling significantly. Shippers will suddenly get an insight in how efficient they can ship their goods around the world.

TRITON was Core 77 Student Notable in 2012